The unVangs

The Tools of the Trade...

  • 8 Track Analogue Yamaha MT8X Recording Machine
  • 1MB Atari plus Cubase Version 3.0
  • Samson MIXPAD 9
  • Alex Lexicon Digital Effects Processor
  • Alesis DM5 Drum Module
  • Yamaha TG300 Multi Timbral
  • E-MU Classic Keys Multi Timbral
  • Roland A-30 Midi Keyboard Controller
  • Simmons Drum Pads
  • Roland S760 Sampler
  • Yamaha MU50 Multi Timbral

  • GUS G1 MIDI Custom Guitar
  • Roland Ready Fender Stratocaster Guitar with Integral MIDI pick-up
  • Roland GR700 Guitar Synth Controller
  • Roland GR09 Guitar Synthesizer
  • Roland GR33 Guitar Synthesizer
  • Roland VGA (Virtual Guitar Amplifier)
  • E-Bow plus
  • Mopho (Paul Smith Monophonic Synthesizer)
  • Boss FV-500L Volume/Expression Pedal x 2
  • Alesis 3630 Compressor
  • Really Nice Compressor (RNC 1773)

  • QSC K12 Active PA Speakers x 2
  • Yamaha Stagepas 500 PA
  • Shure 58A Beta Microphones
  • Allen and Heath ZED 16FX Mixer
  • Lexicon MX200 Dual Processor
  • Lexicon MPX100 Dual Channel Processor
  • Alto MS12MA Powered Monitors x 2
  • Wharfedale Pro 12 sub x 2
  • Yamaha Digital Delay Sampler Pedal (DDS-20M)
  • Phonic PCL3200 Compressor

Listen Here

You can listen to our tracks on Soundcloud.

All the tracks were recorded live at Attic Studios, Sheffield on to two tracks using SONAR X1LE software.

The Good, The Bad and The Dripping Tap