The unVangs


Lead Vocals and Looking Moody
  • Lead vocals, writing songs and looking moody.
  • Nicknamed 'greenfingers'. Some people think it's because she's won the Sheffield In Bloom garden competition 4 years in a row. It isn't.
  • Streaked at an England Cricket test match.
  • Musical inspiration came from the '80s band Marillion who she claims are the band Genesis could've been.
  • Julie released a pan pipes version of Marillion's hit single Kayleigh which got to number 39 in the UK singles chart in 1991, critics claim it only made the Top 40 after Julie's infamous streak at an England Cricket test match gave it extra publicity.
  • Once fell into the sea whilst drunk and claimed to have been rescued by Captain Birdseye....a claim her friends dispute.
  • She has a suit fetish and is banned from every shop on Savile Row after a series of incidents involving mannequins.
  • Her doctor coined the phrase 'Suitaphile'.
  • Is a member of 'The Mile High Club' after seducing an Armani executive midflight.
  • She's a vegetarian....apart from cows.
  • Turned down the chance to be the star of the Halifax adverts after a cheque took over a week to clear, paving the way for Howard Brown's superstardom.
  • Got thrown out of a live recording of Strictly Come Dancing for shouting, "I could do better than that with my eyes closed" and other derogatory comments whilst swigging from a hip flask.
The Good, The Bad and The Dripping Tap.